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Originally posted by The_Return
In an office. Cant really remember exactly, but she went to the house pretty soon into the movie.

Few other bits I remember:

The REALLY creepy scene where one girl watches the shadow-thing [for lack of a better word] on a security camera.

Young girl scared to go out cause her friends who were killed want revenge.

Creepy catatonic grandmother type person.

Here's the cover of the DVD I saw [either R1 or Region Free]:

Yup! I thought so. You´ve watched "Ju-on: the grudge".

"Ju-on" is the first, my favorite and the most scary of the four, and funny enough also the most low-budget.

It begins with a school teacher visiting the home of one of his pupils who has been missing at school.

I think it will be hard to rent in a video store, because it´s a low-budget movie made for television. But if you can, then get your hands on "Ju-on: the grudge 2". It has the biggest budget and an even more complicated storyline than "Ju-on: the grudge1". It might also be the most entertaining of them all. In my opinion, the next best in the japanese "Ju-on" serial.;)

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