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IRIS IN - Will you take that #selfie?

Hey guys, I'm reaching out here cause myself and a team of 15 young filmmakers joined together to make this indie horror film and we need help to finish it.

We've shot the majority of it already and our trailer comes out next week!

The film is about a bf vs gf prankster couple, they find a haunted camera and when you take a selfie with the camera you become addicted to taking selfies. If you stop the monster comes out of the camera to kill you, and the more you selfie, you begin to turn into the monster.

The film is a creative portrayal of the psychological effects of social media and selfie culture.

We just launched an Indiegogo campaign, and we're trying to reach out for help with it. There is a teaser on there right now also!

I think the movie will definitely change the way you feel about selfies haha especially if you like them! 😋

Just look up IRIS IN Indiegogo!!! I'm not sure if I can post links here!!!

Or look me up, I'm the director of the film! RIEL BO.

Thank you!!!
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