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Originally Posted by Jake.Ashworth View Post
This is my as of yet unfinished Lament Configuration tattoo. I cant wait to finish it, but its been pricey and I had to back burner it. But you get the gist. Still a lot of detail to add, plus we are doing some hyper red blood spatter. I plan on eventually turning into a horror Icons leg sleeve but that is a ways out.
Necroing this thread!

That is a gorgeous tattoo...I also have a Hellbound Heart/Hellraiser's Pinhead's severed head in a bell jar...I posted an iffy pic of it in another thread here but the quality of the pic is mehhhh...I have to wait for an extra set of hands to get home today so I can get a better pic of it...

But that LC is absolutely lovely and the whole piece is going to look STUNNING when it's done! I started a half-sleeve devoted to Lemarchand's tin toy birds (from the book) as well. Love to see Clive Barker tattoos!
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