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Why so much crime and violence

For the past few years now we have experienced lots of violence and death and an increase of mass shootings. Well there are innumerable reasons why this has become a part if life now.

Quality of life

All of these have 1 common factor that can be found in any great empires expiration in the past. A empire on the verge of collapse and civil war. This happens with any culture, race, and empire. All men areade equal we all have faults no one is an exception.
Your wondering why all empires end the same way? Easy. The power of leadership changes hands over and over again each leader having a different opinion, then you got that one boy in the crowd saying "I'll be like him someday" then you get your self destruction. No one is the same therefore, politics is never the same with every leader even if it's only two parties. This then generates your crime and shit.

For those who don't really think about it. Violence is human instinct that is hardwired into all humans. Violence is a common tool for boxers, hunters, soldiers, etc. Because it's a means of survival. If we keep a firm grip on our anger it becomes your best friend. But those who drink to much, do drugs, take anti depressants, cannot hold a firm grip on there inner caveman. The reason why banning guns wont make a difference really. If that person let's his violent instinct get the better of him, he or she will commit a crime in any way possible (such as lizzy borden, a female who murdered her whole family with an axe)
You'll find anger and depression have a role in murders, crimes of passion, robberies, and mass shootings. Because a crashing generates this.

How crime should be dealt with today?
Typically in my opinion, public humiliation is the key to slow down crime rate. It's kind if like hanging a dead coyote outside of you house. It warns to keep away lest he shall become like me. Now I'm not saying that we should have public hangings or beheadings. More like use the media. Humiliate then cease any news on him or her what so ever. Because if you keep talking about him or her it makes them famous. Then you get the copycat who wants to be bigger than that guy.

How to stop all this mess to a dead halt???

That's impossible I'm afraid. Empires are like a wind up clock or AA battery. They start out great, up to speed advanced, then they slow down.

There's more I would like to add but I'm tired lol. Have a good night y'all.
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