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*Cut to Faustus returning to his car after dropping Dante into Newb's morgue speaking to himself*

Faustus: They'll expect to get Dante back alive, what am I supposed to do?

*He hears some thuds and bumps coming from the cabin Dojo went into with Kasey, he walks over to the window and peeks in, Dojo is huddled on the floor, pantless shaking uncontrollably, Faustus runs to the door and opens it, he kneels next to Dojo*

Faustus: Young man, are you alright?

*Dojo remains huddled and doesn't reply, Faustus looks over at the corpse that Kasey turned out to be, Faustus gets a slight grin like he's had an idea*

Faustus: A murderous psychopath who won't speak...

*Faustus runs to his car and opens the glovebox, he pulls out a handful of bullets, he runs back to Dojo and cuffs his right hand to his left foot*

Faustus: I'll be right back.

*Faustus runs back to Newb's morgue, reaches into the trash and pulls out the broken blender and tears the blades out, he then opens the basement door and hops in just as the zombie of Dante is staring Massacre Man in the face, Faustus shoots Newb and Roderick in the head, he picks up Dante by the hatchet and blows his brains out through the bottom of his jaw, he uses the blender blade to slice off Dante's face, after he gets Dante's face he leaves, Massacre Man is still under the table, seeing everything that had just happened*


*Faustus runs back to the cafeteria and kneels next to the paralyzed-by-fear Dojo, he slips Dante's face over his*

Faustus: Perfect.

*Faustus picks Dojo up and tosses him into the back of his car and heads back for the mental asylum*

Faustus: You know young man, you're saving my ass here, I should be so lucky that they don't pay attention to the inmates at all. I'll visit you to give you therapy whenever possible but you should know, I'll probably get a reward for bringing back an escaped mental patient, I'll be out making new friends and living out what dreams a 67-year-old therapist can in the Bahamas. But I'm sure you'll be fine, doesn't look like you'll need me much, really you just get 3 square meals, a comfortable room and you don't even have to work a minute. You're going to love it at the mental institution.

*Faustus arrives at the mental institution, cut to inside, the guard is missing, the break room is shown, two of the guards, Despare and Murderdoll are the only ones in the room, sitting at tables on opposite ends of the room, Murderdoll has her head down sleeping, Despare looks nervous watching her, he walks over to her and sits down*

Despare: Hey uh...

*She doesn't respond*

Despare: Um...

*Despare knocks on the table lightly, Murderdoll raises her head*

Murderdoll: What the fuck do you want?

Despare: Can I tell you something important?

Murderdoll: Whatever it is, I honestly, truly don't care.

Despare: No, please, um... just hear me out.

Murderdoll: Will you leave me alone after?

Despare: Sure.

Murderdoll: Go ahead.

Despare: Well, we've known eachother since middle school, right?

Murderdoll: Are you coming out of the closet?

Despare: No, please, just listen, this is hard enough without you making fun of me.

Murderdoll: Faggot...

Despare: Ok... well, we've known eachother so long, I wanted to um... tell you how I felt.

Murderdoll: Oh shit...

Despare: Ever since I've met you I've been in love with you, since I first saw you I thought you were perfect, I haven't been able to tell you, I've been preparing all day, I mean... I woke up, I practiced in the mirror and everything. So is there any part of you that feels anything for me?

Murderdoll: You're fucking stupid.

Despare: Wh... What?

Murderdoll: We've known eachother since middle school and I've AVOIDED you since middle school.

Despare: Why?

Murderdoll: Because you're a fucking idiot. What you just said proves it.

Despare: You mean, you don't feel anything at all after all I've been there for you?

Murderdoll: If you call coming to my house and crying when my dog hit by the car, you didn't do anything, I put the cat in front of the damn car.

Despare: Oh...

Murderdoll: Now get the fuck out of here.

*Despare stands up and walks to the next room, he turns around and comes back*

Despare: You know what.

Murderdoll: I don't care what you have to say.

Despare: Alright, listen up. I was probably the only chance you had at any form of happiness. You just ruined your entire future, you know that? Shooting me down ensured that you've lived for absolutely nothing and when you're on your deathbed you'll just think "Why didn't I give him a chance! Oh why! He could have given me everything but I'm too much of a heartless bitch to give a nice guy a chance!" FUCK YOU!

*Despare walks into the hallway, puts his gun to his head and pulls the trigger, Murderdoll's eyes widen and she runs out*

Murderdoll: Oh my God I...

*Her worries vanish when she sees he missed his brain and is still breathing*

Murderdoll: Fucking retard, you can't even kill yourself right.

*She pulls the gun out of his hand and blows his brains out with it as Faustus enters with Dojo, his hands cuffed together, he seems somewhat responsive now, they both stare down at Despare's body wide-eyed*

Faustus: What happened here?

*Murderdoll tries thinking of a response when the zombified guard approaches behind Faustus*

Murderdoll: He was a zombie!

*The zombie grabs Faustus by the arm, Dojo leaps away and grabs the keys from Faustus, he runs out of the institution and jumps into the car, he uses the keys undo his cuffs and he backs out to head back toward the campsite*

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