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*Back the mental asylum which Zero landed in front of, Zero makes his way over to the building, slipping into an open window of the lobby, cut to a guard opening a cell door and setting a tray of food on the ground, Dante is revealed to be the one in the cell*

Dante: Do you have a vegetarian alternative?

Guard: It's bread and water...

Dante: I see...

*The guard is about to close the door, but Faustus runs over and prevents him from doing so*

Faustus: Wait, it's important, I must speak with him.

Guard: Alright, but you go in there and I'll close the door.

Faustus: Very well.

*Faustus enters, Dante immediately sits stiff and stops showing emotion, the door is closed and locked behind him*

Faustus: Why do you feel shouldn't ever speak?

Dante: ...

Faustus: Is it because you're afraid of what people might think of you?

Dante: ...

Faustus: Do you have a girlish voice?

Dante: ...

Faustus: Please, tell me why you sent those threatening letters to those people.

*The guard yells from the other side of the door*

Guard: Hurry up, I'm trying to get home.

Faustus: Yes, I suppose I could return tomorrow. Goodbye Dante, I'll return to speak to you tomorrow.

*The guard puts the key into the hole, before he can turn it he is attacked by Zero who continues to bite at him and scratch him*


*The guard makes attempts to turn the key but fails until he finally pushes Zero off long enough to turn the key, Faustus leaps out with gun in hand, he aims at Zero then notices Dante running out of the door, he follows leaving the guard for dead*

Guard: Where are you going? HELP!

*Zero tears off the guard's ear, the guard then proceeds to throw Zero into the cell and kick the door closed, he leans against the wall, worn out*

*Cut to Dante jumping onto and holding onto the back of Massacre Man's van*

Faustus: You nearly-murderous bastard!

*Faustus hops into his pink Cadillac and follows from a distance but misses the shortcut and drives to the normal camp entrance instead, he pulls to the side and stops, he begins to search through the woods for a small while until he notices a group of squirrels which he chases off using 5 of the 6 bullets in his revolver, Faustus then proceeds to further his searches until searching the actual campsite and running into Neverending*

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