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*Back at the camp, Neverending is standing at the camp, it appears to be before Dojo and Kasey enter the cafeteria as they are walking out of a trail leading from the woods*

Neverending: Stay away from her young man, she's not one of you!

Dojo: What?

Neverending: She's one of... THE OTHERS!

Dojo: Like that Nicole Kidman movie?

Neverending: No you fucking idiot! She's dead! She's going back to her world! And she's taking you with her!

Dojo: I don't care, dude. *he whispers to Neverending* This is my chance to get laid.

*Dojo and Kasey walk to the cafeteria*

Neverending: You'll be sorry! Don't come cryin' to me when you're dead!

*Neverending approaches the window and looks inside, after a few seconds Kasey walks out and he quickly ducks behind the bushes as Kasey starts to use the bush as a toilet, Neverending intentionally opens his mouth underneath the bush catching what he can, after Kasey goes back inside he looks in the window again*

Neverending: That's it... yes...

*Faustus runs to Neverending, gun in hand*

Faustus: You have to get out of here! There's an escape maniac in these woods!

Neverending: No, there's ghosts in these here cabins!

Faustus: My patient, Dante, he escaped, he was imprisoned for 20 years!

Neverending: There's a murderer in these here woods?

Faustus: He never killed anyone, but he's made threats.

Neverending: But this kid is in trouble, he's having sex with a ghost woman!

*They hear the sound of the cafeteria doors slamming shut*

Neverending: Nevermind...

Faustus: You have to help me find him!

Neverending: I'll stay behind and warn the others, you go find him!

Faustus: Thank you, I'll return as soon as he's gone, if I don't come back, tell my wife I love her.

*Faustus runs off into the woods*

Neverending: I don't know his wife...

*A man in a robe approaches Neverending holding a baseball bat, obviously Dante*

Neverending: DANGER! There's EVIL! in these here hills.

*Dante swings the bat and hits Neverending in the head*

Neverending: What the hell'd ya do that for?

*Dante does it again*

Neverending: Listen you asshole! I'm trying to warn you of the...

*Neverending clenches his chest and falls over, dying of a heart attack, Dante looks down and gets a disappointed expression, he continues to the woods*


*Faustus is running through the woods searching for Dante who suddenly appears several feet behind Faustus, Dante giggles, Faustus turns around and pulls the trigger, hitting Dante in the stomach, Dante shreaks and falls over*

Dante: Oh my God! It hurts so bad! Why would you do that?

Faustus: I must stop you.

*Faustus approaches Dante and holds the gun to his face, he pulls the trigger and the gun clicks*

Faustus: I knew I shouldn't have shot at all those squirrels!

*Faustus kicks Dante in the face and picks him up, he spits out a few teeth and coughs up blood, he starts to make a gargling sound that sounds similar to a growl, Faustus happens upon the creepy morgue, he stands behind a tree while Newb is throwing away the blended Massacre Man broke, after Newb returns inside Faustus opens the small door on the side of the house that leads to the basement, he tosses Dante into the darkness where Dante's growl-like moans are echoed*

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