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Originally Posted by MichaelMyers View Post
I've never heard of #4. Have you seen Fire in the Sky?

No. Never heard of it. What's it about? Alien Abduction: The McPherson Tape wasn't released in the cinema (at least i don't think so) and is a lower budget film so didn't get the same advertising as the other big blockbuster films.

It's truly scary though imo. Because it's based on found footage (like the Blair witch) but this came out BEFORE the Blair witch when people still kind believed found footage films might be real because they've never heard about it before. Truly pioneering in that way if you think about it. Basically about a family who gets abducted by aliens on thanksgiving day.

There are two versions that i'm aware of. One is rubbish the other one is the one you want.

It was on Sky years ago. Came back on Sky for a while then got taken off again. Probably will be back on one day.
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