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The HARDBACK of my killer rats novel NOW ONLY $11.11 & 9.02 from Amazon

Hi, all, just wanted to drop by to let you know about a SPECIAL OFFER!! from Amazon for my killer rats novel. Cheaper than the paperback.

Over 50% off from Amazon USA & just under 50% off from Amazon UK for the hardback version of my action-packed horror story about a town tormented by flesh-hungry rats. Price - $11.11 & 9.02. For a LIMITED time only!!! Also available in Kindle, KU, Paperback & audio. Get a FREE code in exchange for a REVIEW on Audible UK, USA. Just send me a message for details.

Clips of reviews from Amazon USA -

'This book definitely set me on edge, who wouldn't be. These aren't normal wild rats, these are smart and have escaped from the lab they lived in. The descriptions in this book are spot on and terrifying. When the rats attack, you feel like you're sitting there watching it happen. I really enjoyed this book and the storyline. I have never read anything like it and look forward to reading more from Lee Taylor.'

'I don't usually get into books about government experiments gone awry, but this had a good Sci-Fi/horror/creature feature vibe to it that held my interest.'

'If you are a fan of killer creature books in the vein of The Rats by James Herbert then Id recommend you check this out pronto! Its bloody fun and more than just mindless entertainment.'
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