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Episode 28

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the two crashed ships. Fade to Gorephobia, Monalisa, Chronogrl and Papillon Noir. Papillon Noir is puking up blood whilst the other three are preparing for the fight ahead of them. Within a few seconds, the creatures start pouring in, from all directions. Monalisa is swinging a large piece of metal around at them, slicing efficiently.

Gorephobia: JESUS! How many are there?!

One of them dives from the ceiling and takes him to the floor. Chronogrl sees what's happenings and rushes in, quickly clearing them from him. Gore is wincing in incredible pain as his burnt skin has been cut by the large claws of the Lux Lucis.

Chronogrl: You must have more than that!

Monalisa: Keep fighting!

She slashes one of the creature's arms off and laughs in glee as it falls backwards, clutching it's stump.

Gorephobia: Why aren't they going for her?!

He nods at Papillon Noir, who is keeled over, a small hand poking from her mouth.

Chronogrl: She's giving birth to one of them, genius!

A creature stabs her in the eye with one of it's claws. Gorephobia uses the small pitchfork like object from his pocket to impale the creature. Chronogrl grabs her bleeding eye and pulls it out. There are very few creatures left in the room now.

Chronogrl: Crap...

Gorephobia: What?

Chronogrl: You know I'm kind of-

She breaks one of the creatures neck.

Chronogrl: Odd.

Gorephobia: Yeh.

Chronogrl: It's because I'm similar to them.

Monalisa stabs the metal into the last creature.

Gorephobia: What are you on about?

Chronogrl: There's this thing called Secundum.

Gorephobia: I know, I know. The captain from AM03 explained it to me.

Chronogrl: In the café I told you the reason those guys ran away from me wasn't just Roshiq. They were scared. Well...when that Secundum thing broke free of Earth, it came and helped me. But it's energy...

Gorephobia: Are you telling me you...evolved?

She looks up at him and nods.

Chronogrl: And there's more than that...

Gorephobia: Like what? You fell in love with...

The look on her face says it all.

Gorephobia: You...YOU WHAT?

Chronogrl: I knew this was happening...he told me. And I was going to be his. All his.

Gorephobia: I can't believe what I'm hearing.

Monalisa: Do you mind explaining what the fuck you two are-

Chronogrl: Shut the hell up and help her.

Monalisa glares, but reluctantly goes over to Papillon Noir and starts easing the creature out of her mouth. Papillon Noir is very pale.

Chronogrl: But he just...he just betrayed me. That's why I'm killing these things. Revenge.

Gorephobia: knew this was going to happen and you didn't warn anybody?!

Chronogrl: I wanted this to was all going to-

Gorephobia: You didn't warn me?

Chronogrl: Why would I?

Chronogrl: I was furious at left me there. You knew what was going to happen.

Gorephobia: I was scared!

Chronogrl: I WAS RAPED!

Gorephobia: I'm sorry!

Monalisa: Got it!

She's holding a small creature. She slices it's neck open with the metal.

Monalisa: We're going back. She can't fight in her state and I can't leave her here.

Nobody says anything.

Monalisa: So you two are staying...can't say I'm upset about it.

She picks up her piece of metal and walks out a door way with Papillon Noir.

Gorephobia: So you wanted me dead? That's why you arranged to meet me?

Chronogrl: You abandoned me. But if you hadn't...maybe I wouldn't have ended up like this.

Gorephobia: I just...

He loses his train of thought.

Chronogrl: But you're also the last thing that connects me to my former self. And I am somebody new. It's time to end what I was and carry on as I am meant to be.

Gorephobia: I don't understand.

Chronogrl: I've been holding this back for many years.

Gorephobia: You wanted me dead...

Small tears are streaming down his face.

Chronogrl: These creatures. They're nothing. But I was counting on them killing you. But they couldn't. You see...when you came to me, when you found me. It was all too good. I couldn't let them kill you.

Gorephobia: No...please. Not now. I'm sorry for what I did to you. Please...

Chronogrl: It's time for change. And with my parents dead, my were the only other person truly in my life. And I have to move forward.

Gorephobia: Please don't.

He's backing away from her slowly.

Chronogrl: It's too late. I've distracted you long enough now. Are you feeling...light headed?

Gorephobia: What?

Chronogrl: Something I learned very change in me. My saliva. It's not ideal for kissing.

She moves towards him and puts her face near his. He looks terrified.

Chronogrl: By now the toxins will be taking effect. It happens quite quickly.

Gorephobia: I'm sorry.

He's crying. She kisses him on the forehead, grabs the side of his head with each hand and twists. There's a sick breaking sound. His eyes move to look up at her.

Chronogrl: I won't lie to you. It will hurt. Your brain should be swelling already. I'd say you have about three minutes left. Don't worry. The creatures will think you're dead.

She winks at him, then turns around and walks away. The camera moves close to his eyes, which are bulging in their sockets. Fade to Papillon Noir and Monalisa.

Monalisa: Hurry up.

Papillon Noir is trying to keep up, but her eyelids are drooping and her skin is still very pale.

Papillon Noir: Why the sudden change?

Monalisa: What?

Papillon Noir: You keep changing from bitch to friendly. Why?

Monalisa: I don't know. I see something of myself in you. You're determined. Strong.

Papillon Noir: So was that other woman back there.

Monalisa: There was something not right about her. Something I couldn't put my-

She stops suddenly. Someone has stepped out in front of her.

Monalisa: ROSHIQ!

The cyborg looks at her.

Roshiq: You will...surrender.

The two of them slowly put their hands up.

Monalisa: Roshiq. It's me.

Roshiq: I know...YOU WILL SURRENDER.

Papillon Noir: We have.

He looks at her.

Roshiq: HOSTILE.

Out of one of the many guns in his legs, a series of small darts fire into Papillon Noir.

Monalisa: NO!

Papillon Noir: AH! WHAT THE- AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Roshiq: HOSTILE!

The skin around the small darts slowly begins melting away as the acid within them burns at her.

She tries to run but the bullets from another of his guns soon take out her legs and she falls to the floor screaming. At last, turns, walks towards her as she tries to crawl away from him and slashes her neck open with his large claws.

Monalisa: Roshiq...what have you done?

He turns to her.

Roshiq: Ho...Hos...

Monalisa: No...It's me.

She takes a small step towards him. His guns focus on her.

Monalisa: I'm your friend.

The guns lower slightly as he looks at her.

Monalisa: Trust me.

She stands directly in front of him and smiles slightly. He smiles too, albeit painfully.

Monalisa: What have you become?

She lays a hand on his shoulder.


Monalisa: What?

Before she can react, he has stabbed all of his long claws into her chest and another blade on a metal arm sticking from his leg slashes her left leg off as her right leg is torn apart by a shotgun blast from another gun. Finally, the flamethrower sticking from his eye destroys her face in seconds as a full powered, blue flame shoots into it. He drops her lifeless body on the floor.

Roshiq: Hostiles eliminated.

Ending credits roll.

The Ferrets like it...
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