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Jason vs. Leatherface

I was messing around on and came across a section dedicated to an old comic series called Jason vs. Leatherface. It's about well....Jason vs. Leatherface. Here is the link...

But if you don't want to click is the summary of the comic...

Three issue mini-series published 1995 by Topps Comics
Written by Nancy Collins
Plot by Nancy Collins and David Imhoff
Pencilled by Jeff Butler
Inked by Steve Montano
Lettered by Brad K. Joyce
Colored by Renee Witterstaetter
Covers by Simon Bisley
Summary: Crystal Lake is drained to make way for an office tower and the polluted contents are shipped away -- including Jason. He escapes, and winds up with the Sawyer (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) family. Jason is introduced into the family's cannibalistic way of life (but doesn't eat). The way Hitchhiker treats Leatherface reminds Jason of his abusive father and he dreams of his drowning (the comic is not canon, they call Mrs. Voorhees "Doris.") The main event of the title really goes down in issue 3; while a bit short it's pretty sweet. Jason is hammered in the head and dumped in a lake, he escapes and makes his way back toward Crystal Lake.

Review: A fun story, not just a three-issue fight. Really good for TCM fans, as 2 and 3 are mainly about how an outsider (Jason) is introduced into the Sawyer's household. The artwork is excellent (especially the Simon Bisley covers), and the plot, while not "official", is fun in a gory and twisted way. Definitely worth tracking down.

I personally would love to check this out but it's hard as hell to find. Anyone ever have it? Did you like it?
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