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Originally Posted by DeadbeatAtDawn View Post
Excellent film!

Like many B-movies of its time, I Drink Your Blood was a Times Square exploitation film and drive-in theater staple. It's quite trashy; but at the same time highly entertaining, and a highlight of the 1970s.
I have to disagree with you there, Deadbeat ( which pains me because I pretty much always dig your posts ). That flick is one of the worst perpetrators of thinking it could get away with covering for itís crappiness by advertising itself as a schlockfest. Now, I can appreciate trash and sleaze as much as the next guy. But I Drink Your Blood, and I Eat Your Skin ( which is how I remember it falsely advertised ) is boring and unintentionally funny lameness at its worst.

The antagonists are neither intimidating nor fun to watch. Itís slow even when itís supposed to be intense or scary. The idea of infecting them with rabies is executed well, but the way they act after is so inconsistent and retarded that it ruins the premise ( though the long shot of the infected running in a field and the one guy is just swinging his helmet, is hilarious ), none of the main characters are likable or identifiable ( as bad as I am, I canít sympathize with some dumbfuck who let his gf get gangraped in the opening ), and it all culminates in the ď zombies ď getting shot down off screen by stock footage. You canít take a shitty movie and just slap the term ď exploitation ď on it and expect thatíll make up for it. No sir, I donít like it.

Wanna see all it has to offer? Watch the trailer. Seriously. All of the gore is in the trailer, everything else is just shitty padding for the runtime. Better off watching Rabid, Shivers, or even The Crazies.

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