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Xenomorph: Serpent & The Rainbow

I wanted to make a spin-off short-story from the Alien sci-fi horror film franchise to posit a new 'angle' on tackling the insectisoid-dragon creature (known as the Xenomorph) presented in the films.

I wonder if film-makers would use such an angle.


Ripley was finished jotting her notes about the Xenomorph colony found on Mars and was pantomiming how she would present her conclusions at the Space Explorer Company Conference the next morning. She looked at her handful of Company medals which included honors for space exploration and creature hunting. Something about the Xenomorphs did not sit well with Ripley, and she knew her conclusion that an 'alternative method' of hunting would be mandatory was correct.

The Company conference, Ripley stood in front of the critical board members and presented her conclusion. According to Ripley, the Xenomorph was not only a hunting predator which spewed a corrosive juice from its mouth and tore humans apart with its dragon-like giant claws and stalked around with its insect-like creeping and contortion skills, but it was also a very intelligent and shrewd creature which needed to be confused to be defeated.

Ripley was polishing her laser-gun on the Company ship headed towards the Xenomorph colony on Mars when one of her military guardians requested she give a formal explanation of her plan to 'confuse' these Xenomorphs. Ripley told her men that they would use water-mist guns and glass prisms to create miniature-rainbows in front of the Xenomorph while other guardsmen were keeping it at a safe distance with flame-throwers; and while the Xenomorph was distracted (and hopefully hypnotized) by the rainbows, Ripley would use her special torch-light equipped laser-gun to shine light into the Xenomorph's eyes and play with its mind by making shadow-puppets with her hand.

Ripley's men understood the plan was to literally perplex the Xenomorph into focusing on two different sets of strange visual stimuli simultaneously long enough for them to trap it, strike it, or burn it (with their flame-throwers). As they made their way through the underground caves on the area of Mars where the Xenomorph colony was first detected by Ripley and her Company men, they stumbled upon the egg-laying layer where the giant Queen Xenomorph was sitting.

Ripley pulled out her water-mist gun and glass prisms and two other Company men assisted her in making the rainbows in front of the Queen Xenomorph's eyes; the creature sneered but stared at the mini-rainbows. Ripley then used the torch-light on her gun to shine a ray into the creature's eyes and then started making shadow-puppets. The Xenomorph became visibly confused and then frustrated, but its moment of indecision was all the Company men needed to spray a reliable line of lasers and flames and killed the Queen and all her eggs.

Ripley and the Company men flew away on their spacecraft after burning whatever else they could find in that cave labyrinth on their way out. Ripley knew that since the Queen was dead, the Xenomorph colony would not survive, and the Company wisely quarantined the area and prohibited any future exploration. As Ripley lay in her bed, playing with shadow-puppets on the ceiling with her flashlight, she wondered how such as ghastly creature could be 'duped' by something as lovely as rainbows and shadow-puppets.


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