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Wait I'm confused...

Harker's wife's name was Nina (in the novel Dracula) and in Nosferatu her name was changed to Ellen (just like Harker became Hutter and Count Dracula became Count Orlock). Lucy in the novel Dracula was a friend of Nina's whom Dracula turned into a vampire but I think in Nosferatu she had a very minor role as either the wife or sister of Hutter's friend who looked after Ellen while he was away in Transylvania.

I guess you're saying there's more character depth in this remake which sounds awesome to me.


And in the silent movie version of Nosferatu I liked Ellen because she was such a pure hearted character who cried when Hutter picked her a bouquet of flowers to cheer her up without realizing that he "killed the beautiful flowers".

Also unlike Dracula where Harker was the hero and Nina was the damsel, in Nosferatu it was Ellen who saved her husband Hutter by offering herself to Count Orlock and letting him get destroyed by the sunlight. In fact she pretty much saved the whole town from the death plague he brought over with her own life.
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