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Post Taking Jezebel - Debut Novel

Good Day:
Hope you're all having a great 2014! Love the forums. Great layout, presentation, and fantastic content. I'm happy to be a part of the group, and hope to contribute often.

I'd be very interested in getting anyone's opinion of my newly published ebook, Taking Jezebel, which is so far available on Amazon and Nook (more on the way!). If you have the time and would be interested, check it out.

Here's a quick teaser:
At a beachside motel, a quarreling couple are the unwitting mainsprings of a terror that will change the future of all mankind.

Behind the walls of an isolated Arizona compound, an evil force is sprouting, creeping across the desert, and soaring toward California, where thousands will witness the first stages of a dark Order's earth-shattering vision.

A ragtag group of would-be heroes are unified by the special gifts they share. Together, they aim to root out the one man who would raze all the world's armies with a single, fatal word.

These are the characters who occupy the world of a novel whose themes are universal and whose subjects are taboo—fitting in or breaking the mold; free will versus destiny; good versus evil, and all the gray area in between.

Dare yourself to read
Taking Jezebel, a bold, harrowing, and dangerous debut.

While the novel isn't directly HORROR—at least, not exclusively—it certainly has its bloody, violent moments. Here's the cover:

In any case, let me know if you can spare the time to at least give it a few chapters of reading, and I humbly accept your review and/or feedback!

Also check out my website & blog, where I dish out tidbits of my favorite art, novels, demons, and mythos.

Patrick Kelly
Twitter - @patrickkauthor
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