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Originally Posted by deaddread View Post
Watched update:

The Thing (1982) Really enjoyed the atmosphere and special effects makeup
The Fly (1986) Really well written and well rounded movie
Re-Animator (1985) I had a lot of fun with this one
Videodrome (1983) A very unique experience, I really liked this one as well
The Funhouse (1981) Also enjoyed this one
Aliens (1987) Fun, action packed
The Shining (1980) Good slow burn

Thanks again for all of the recommendations. Now that I have a shudder subscription I can watch them before I buy them which helps me save some money. Although I went to Texas Frightmare and bought a bunch of random Arrow video releases that I had never heard of.
Cool! glad you liked those. Love to see peeps enjoy these classics for the first time, especially The Thing, Fly and Aliens, definitely modern classics.

Videodrome is an odd one, isn't it? The symbolism is right on the surface as far as media experience recreating people, but I'm not quite sure what the ending was trying to say.

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