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Originally Posted by Angra View Post
Were you on drugs as well?

That movie clearly proved that Shimizu, at that time, had an amazing imagination, but as a director still had alot to learn.

"Reincarnation" Showed much better directing, storytelling and that he has improved alot since "marebito". Of course a bigger budget is always helpful, but not without a creative mind. And thank God he still have that.

Yes, Shimizu is my hero director. :cool:

No, I was not on drugs.....avoiding a doctor's visit if I can, and I don't just have painkillers laying around......:D Just hurting, and having a bit of trouble concentrating. Might have been a combination of pain and boredom, not sure....;)

That's why I believe it was worth the one viewing, some of the ideas were very good......and there were some really effective scenes. Just wasn't consistent at all.

Reincarnation is on my Netflix list.....I will move it up, just because of your favorable review....and I will watch it when I am feeling my best.
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