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Originally Posted by jenna26 View Post
That's funny you say that, because I saw it three days ago and I have already forgotten....LOL....;) yeah, the last few minutes of it didn't make much of an impact. I did like a lot of the beginning, but at some point it just started to fall apart. But I was in some amount of pain after hurting my neck, so maybe that adversely effected my opinion of the film in general. :D

Were you on drugs as well?

That movie clearly proved that Shimizu, at that time, had an amazing imagination, but as a director still had alot to learn.

"Reincarnation" Showed much better directing, storytelling and that he has improved alot since "marebito". Of course a bigger budget is always helpful, but not without a creative mind. And thank God he still have that.

Yes, Shimizu is my hero director. :cool:
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