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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
Do you know for sure she does want to be scared... as opposed to wanting that no horror film can scare her?

It's mood and setting too. Buddies can watch a film together in afternoon while making fun of it... it's unlikely a scary film would scare them.

And of course film situations is subjective and contextual. Age matters contextually concerning what you can understand at many levels at once. And different things bother different people.

Either of you might get a scare from Dead Silence and Psycho 1960. I have some other films that might produce some fright, but probably not appropriate for a 13 girl.
Excellent post. Great points here.

As for the bolded part, yeah, lol, I'm curious to know the OP's restrictions for his daughter, because we can definitely offer some titles that are super "Non-Hollywood."

This is the place to be to find some crazy underground, foreign, and indie stuff, haha. So if it's a matter of scarring her for life, we can do it.
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