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Hi Mr Shape in Tristars 1998 so called Godzilla movie the monster was given a name and Mathew Brodrick said the species of this giant mutated Igunana was Igunanasarus. Igunanasarus is what it was named in the movie. There are 2 other Godzilla movies that were made in later years that prove that Tristars Igunanasarus is not Godzilla. In 2001 Toho made the movie Godzilla Mothra KingGhidora in this movie there is a discussion about giant monsters who have attacked citys around the world. One monster was said to have attacked NYC in the late 20th century and the USA thought it was Godzilla but they were mistaken it was just another monster. Thats what is said in GMK. The other Godzilla movie that proves the Tristar 98 monster was not Godzilla was last years Godzilla Final Wars in 2004 where Godzilla and the Tristar 98 monster meet and fight Godzilla kills the USA 98 monster in a minute. As they say in the Highlander movies There can only be just one.
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