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Can You Name This Movie?

Hi everyone. I'm new here and for my first post is something of a trivia question. I have been trying to figure out the title of a certain scary movie I saw within the last 10 to 15 years. I can't picture the actors in it, I don't know the names of anyone or what year it came out. All I remember is there was a woman who moves into a house and discovers an old recording of a nun's exit interview from her order. The woman who just moved into the house is advised not to listen to this recording, but she does. In the recording, the protagonist learns that this nun and some other nuns tried to perform an exorcism on some strange man who showed up on her doorstep and it all went horribly wrong. Later the woman's son sees the ghost of the man the nuns tried to exorcise. That is the only thing I can remember about the film. Does anyone out there have any idea what this movie is? Can anyone tell me the title? It is possible this was an episode of "My Haunted House or My Ghost Story" or some tv show like that. I just figured it out. It was not a movie, it was the first episode of season 2 of "My Haunted House" titled "Vow Of Silence".

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