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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
Can I micro-comment my petty opinions on your picks? Cool!

Not really, no. Org is subtlety genius.

Yep, 3.

You are totally insane

Yep, they're both great. Alien is a slow feast of elegant subtlety. Alien 3 is interesting, but not very good. Alien Resurrection you would love. It's pretty cool.

Yep, Psycho wowed. Two was a bit of a dark parody. Apples/crackers.

LOL! COTC was wrenched, but my sister and I had years of fun mocking it.

Evil Dead II - must see. You have no idea...

Speaking of Re-animater... From Beyond is kinda a sequel, same team, totally different story. I think it's your type of movie.
Guess I've no choice.

I've really only seen most of the Halloween films once, and just remember enjoying the story line that went on from the first movie. I need to revisit these though as it was years ago...

I love Jason so much, there's not really a movie with him actually in it I don't enjoy.

My sanity has to do with nothing. Jaws 2 was awesome.

I want to watch the rest of the sequels to validate my opinion, but I have not heard good things about them so I am hesitant...

I remember enjoying Psycho 2, and I think I did 3 as well, but I hardly remember them... So there's really no contest for the best.

Hmm maybe I should revisit some COTC for review purposes... I'm not beyond watching a terrible movie for a few laughs.

That's why Evil Dead series is on my list, I really loved the first one, like ridiculously so.

I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for your input, Sculpt!
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