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*Just updating my list, don't mind me.*

- ...Can I just tie 1 through 5 (excluding 3 of course). I also really really enjoy Resurrection.

Friday the 13th
- I through III (can't really pick just one of these). Really enjoyed Jason Takes Manhattan too.

- First one, easy! ...or is it. I really like 2 and 3 too... And Hellworld.

Child's Play
- Bride of Chucky. My sister's more into the Chucky films and the reason I watched any of them. 'Bride of Chucky' I enjoyed most cause of Tiffany.

- First and Original Nightmare. Cause I + IV = book

- First. Second wasn't too bad. Third I can't even take seriously but it was better than four and HELLA better than five.

- First. Although I enjoyed all of them, as Sidney herself said in the 4th movie, "Don't fuck with the original." And I just LOVED the cast in the first.

- First one, although I would put the second right after it if not tied with it. I prefer to pretend the rest of the sequels don't exist.

- Aliens (I confess I haven't seen 3 or the rest of the sequels... if I have I don't remember them, I think I saw AVP once but idk... but Aliens was so hella good I can't imagine any of the sequels being better.)

- It's been a while since I've watched the sequels, but I do remember none of them wowed me like the first. So I'm going with the original on this one.

Puppet Master
- Another I haven't seen all of and that my memory of the sequels of are a touch fuzzy... but probably Toulon's Revenge because, again, it left the best impact.

Joy Ride
- First one. Rusty Nail is an under rated slasher that they only insulted with the sequels. ...Or at least the third one.

I Know What You Did Last Summer
- I enjoyed the first two about equally well... but for originality I'm probably going to have to go with the first. I haven't seen the third but it doesn't have any of the original cast so...

Hannibal Lecter series
- I loved the book Red Dragon, but have yet to actually see any of the movies for it or the prequel, Hannibal Rising (read the book for that one too, did not enjoy as much as Red Dragon but it was still a good read). SotL was enjoyable. Anthony Hopkins as Hanni could not have been more perfect. And the sequel Hannibal I did not hate it as much as most seem too. I actually enjoyed it a lot if not more than SotL.

Children of the Corn
- Saw the first one I believe... I hated it so I have no intention of watching the sequels.

Classic Movie Monsters
- Wolfman (first one and remake)
- Frankenstein (Meets Wolfman)
- Dracula (first one)
- Invisible Man (first one, but Invisible Woman was just as excellent on a more lighthearted scale)
- Cross overs (Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein)
*wasn't big on Mummy and don't remember Creature from Black Lagoon Sequels well enough to judge*

Waldemar Daninsky series
- This one is tough. Werewolf vs. the Vampire Women is probably his most well known, but I honestly don't find it as memorable as some of his others, although I do enjoy the movie. Frankenstein's Bloody Terror and The Werewolf and the Yeti are my favorites. The Fury of the Wolfman is probably close third with Vampire Women. These movies are hard to find, but I've seen most to put my thoughts on my favorites down.

Evil Dead
- First one. The sequels were fine too, but the first can stand alone as a horror without as much silliness, the ending is less of a cliff hanger than the second (and kinda the third although mostly I just wasn't satisfied with the ending of that one either... DAMMIT, ASH YOU HAVE A FUCKING CHAINSAW FOR A HAND, USE IT!!), and there was just less that had me scratching my head. In the beginning of the second AND third they changed the endings of the movies before them. I don't understand why and it was very distracting.

Series to add (what I've seen of them):
- Paranormal Activity (none)
- Nightmare on Elm Street (first and a few sequels)
- Final Destination (none)
- Poltergeist (first)
- Exorcist (first)
- Predator (first?)
- Phantasm (none, idk what this even is)
- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (first)
- Saw??
- Re-animator (THERE ARE SEQUELS?!)
- Gremlins (first)
- Critters (none)
- Amityville Horror (first and a horrible sequel)
- The Omen (first two)
- Gingersnaps (first and maybe two of the sequels that need rewatched)
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