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Part 25 I

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the outside of the theater. Neverending, Rayne and Dude run up to it and come to a stop outside.

Rayne: Think they're in here?

She is answered by a loud howl and the sound of crashing from one of the high up windows. They run into the building. Cut to Urgeok running along, carrying Doc Faustus who looks very badly hurt. The whites of his eyes are getting redder.

Doc Faustus: Where...are we going...?

Urgeok sounds out of breath.

Urgeok: Following...the-

Doc interrupts him.

Doc Faustus: We're not are we?

Urgeok: we're not.

Doc Faustus: Because I'd rather die than miss this opportunity...

Urgeok: I know.

They've arrived at the theater and Urgeok runs in, carrying Doc. Cut to inside the main room where the bolt has just shot into Dante's heart. Dante falls to the ground and Scouse lowers the cross bow. Everything plays in slow motion. Dante looks up and sees Scouse Mac. His face is full of rage and he lifts his finger up to Scouse Mac.

Dante: Him! Kill him!

Suddenly, the huge crowd of zombies all turn their attention on Scouse Mac who doesn't turn his head. He's still staring directly at Scouse Mac. Dante roars as he pulls the bolt out from his heart. The bolt turns to ash in his hand and he gets to his feet again.

Scouse Mac: No!

The Return, meanwhile, is petrified, his feet glued to the spot as V runs straight towards him, holding his sword high in the air.

The Return: I command you-

V: You fool! You ruined it! Die!

The Return shivers with fear then turns and runs away behind the curtain. V follows, passing through the curtain without even making it ripple. The Return yells something in a strange language and one of the stage lights falls directly above V. V flicks his wrist and the sword sends the lights flying away to the side. The Return runs into one of the backstage corridors. Rayne, Dude and Neverending are running in the opposite direction towards him. The Return pushes them apart with ease.


He swings his huge sword. Dude and Neverending jump to the side but Rayne was looking behind her at The Return. She turns back just in time to see V's almighty sword flash towards her. The blade cuts neatly through her neck sending her head up high into the ceiling. It falls back to earth landing directly in front of Dude.

Dude: Ray-Rayne...Raaaaaaaayne! NO! NOOOOO!

He turns and sees V round the corner behind him.

Neverending: Oh Dude...oh I'm so sorry.

Dude: He's gonna be fucking sorry!

Dude reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a syringe and drives in into his skin.

Neverending: No don't!

Dude shoves Neverending away then pushes the liquid into his blood stream.

Neverending: I know this is hard but we have to focus!

Dude: Fuck Roshiq and Hammerfan!

He throws the empty syringe away and picks up Rayne's head, the look of shock still fixed on it. He kisses her pale forehead then sets her head down on the floor and turns around. He starts running in the direction of V, as he does, the hairs begin to rapidly sprout from his skin, muscles growing and bones dislocating. Nonetheless, the keeps running, focused on getting revenge. By the time he's rounded the corner he is entirely Werewolf. Neverending sighs, then continues running in the direction he was originally heading. Cut to a dark room. Everything is still. Hammerfan pads into the room and sniffs the air. She growls slightly and takes a few further steps into the room. Roshiq drops down from the ceiling, kicking her to the ground. He begins clawing hard at her back.

Roshiq: Come on!

Hammerfan lifts her back up, launching Roshiq, but he twists around and kicks off the wall instead of crashing into it. Hammerfan is just standing up when he collides with her again, driving his shoulder hard into the side of her neck. She lets out a slight wimper, but then gets a good grip of him, grabbing him by the leg. She swings him around a few times, then throws him. He flies like a rag doll, smashing through the glass window, but as he does he gets a grip on the frame. He pulls his feet onto the windowsill, then jumps up high. His hands reach the roof of the building, several floors above the one he was on, which he climbs onto. Hammerfan lets out a roar that shudders the walls, then jumps up through the ceiling of the room, reaching the floor above her.

Cut to inside the theater room. Bodies of people who were in the audience are standing up, the whites of their eyes deep purple. Massacre Man, Chronogrl and Mona Lisa are trying their hardest to cut down the number of zombies rushing towards Scouse Mac, who is putting another bolt into his crossbow. Dante looks directly at him.

Dante: Do it.

Scouse Mac fires the bolt at him. It turns to ash in mid air as Dante flicks his hand. Beside him, a stage light flies through the curtain. Scouse Mac yells out in anger and pulls two daggers from his belt and starts to run at Dante. Zombies rush at Scouse, but he slices and stabs them away. Dante glares at him and holds him hand up. Dante's skin begins to blister, but he does not flinch. He carries on running at Dante, daggers at the ready.

Mona Lisa: I'm going to help him!

Massacre Man: What do we do?

Mona Lisa: Keep killing!

The camera turns to see the balcony. The Return runs out onto it, closely followed by V. The Return rushes to the edge of the balcony and looks down at the sight below, judging whether to jump. He turns back to look at V and gasps. Just as V is about to reach him, Dude the werewolf dives at him, tackling him over the balcony. As they go over, V's sword swishes. Blood sprays on Dude and V as they fall and The Return's head soars past them, landing on the stage next to Dante's Inferno who doesn't notice it. V kicks away from Dude and they both land amongst the seats. V's helmet has been knocked off, revealing no head. In fact, the entire spiked metal suit is empty. V reaches his hand out and the metal helmet flies through the air into his hand. He puts it back on. Dude roars.

V: Here, boy.

Dude jumps at him with great speed, his sharp teeth bared and his claws outstretched, but V is faster and he jumps to the side, swinging the sword. The blade slices through Dude's mouth and continues going down him body, totally bisecting it. Dude's two halves fall to the floor, totally limp. Chronogrl screams at the sight of what's just happened. V ignored her however, instead running at Mona Lisa who is heading down to the front of the stage. He jumps into the air and kicks her forward. She lands flat on the ground and V lands with his metal boot on her back. Before she can see what's attacked her, he brings the sword down onto her head. V looks around the room. Massacre Man and Chronogrl are still killing the zombies as fast as they can. Scouse Mac is on the stage now.

Dante: Would you really kill your own father?

Scouse Mac doesn't answer him. His skin is so blistered now it's almost peeling away. He jumps through the air with the daggers outstretched, but just before he reaches Dante, he gets stopped in mid air.

V: This isn't sport...

V runs out of one of the doors to the theater. At that moment, Urgeok emerges, carrying Doc Faustus on the balcony. He begins filming.

The Ferrets like it...
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