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Episode 27

Opening credits roll. Fade to Massacre Man tapping frantically at the keyboard. The screech of the Lux Lucis is deadly close. He turns to the door, then back to the small computer.

:Enter Captain Personal Code...
:Incorrect Code
:Two more tries before lock

Massacre Man: Fuck!

:Incorrect Code
:One more try before lock

Massacre Man: What was it?!

A creature reaches the door and runs at him. He pulls a small TASER from his pocket and shoots the creature with it. It halts for a few moments, writhing in the pain, but then it regains itself and dives at him. He punches it, but it isn't enough, and the creature pins him down and starts clawing at him. He punches at it and manages to push it off him.

Lux Lucis: Feisty one!

Massacre Man: When will you freaks die?!

He takes a curved knife from his pocket and brandishes it at the creature who dives at him again. It stabs a claw into his chest as Massacre Man drives the dagger into it's throat several times. He pushes it off himself once more and stands up. He painfully walks to the monitor, clutching his chest, and types in more numbers. More creatures rush through the door.


The creatures reach him just as he types "6" to the end. They take him to the ground and begin clawing and biting, shouting wildly. Within seconds, one of his arms is ripped of. He uses his other one to take something from his belt. It's a small circular object. One of the creatures rips it from his hand and bites into it. The ball explodes in the creature's mouth, showering Napalm everywhere. The creatures scream out in pain as the napalm burns over all of them. Massacre Man, burning too, manages to pull himself up to the Monitor and press a button.

:Code Accepted.
:Emergency Black Fusion Startup...

As his skin quickly burns away from him and the flames around him grow, the creatures wriggling around the floor, Massacre Man smiles slightly and moves his hand up to his forehead, saluting. Fade to Dante, sitting alone in front of the Black Fusion machine. It slowly starts up, the large metal contraption starts spinning and a small black star like object appears in the middle of it.

Dante: He did it...he made it there!

He grabs the bomb and runs towards the machine. He holds the bomb over his head. Images of the dead body of Hammerfan flash into his mind. Then images of the creatures, and of the light. The voice of his mind can be heard.

Dante: Is this progression? This? Is it worth it?...Yes. It must be. They'll lose their souls if- lose their souls? Is that any worse than this? What souls have these things got?

He lowers the bomb.

Dante: Progression. Ha! Look around you. Look at what's happened. Your entire ship...can you truly let this go forward? If you can call it that. Hammerfan. Ferretchucker. All of them. The pain caused by it all.

A tear drips from his eye. He looks at the dead body of Hammerfan, then turns and, carrying the bomb, walks towards the ladder. Fade to Doc Faustus, standing in a large circular room with circular doors around it. He goes up to a large panel in the middle of the room and sets his gun down.

Secundum: The wire it next to the Green lever. It is under a small panel. Repair it.

Doc Faustus: I am!

Secundum: it fast!

Doc takes a blade from his gun and pries open the panel, revealing several wires.

Doc Faustus: What do I do?

Secundum: The wire is split. Simply join the two sides of it.

Doc puts his hand into the bank of wires, then hesitates.

Doc Faustus: Please don't make me do this...

Secundum: YOU MUST.

Doc Faustus: it yourself. You can.

Secundum: I thought we understood each other...

Doc Faustus: So did I...

Secundum: Please, do not test me.

Doc Faustus: Why can't you do....

Doc Faustus thinks for a moment, then steps back from the panel, a faint smile on his face.

Doc Faustus: You...can't.

Secundum: Do as I say!

Doc Faustus: Or can do nothing. Nothing at all. That's why you made me do this...why you made me do all of this!

Secundum: I will-

Doc Faustus: NO. It is my turn. It's all clear. You needed me because you can't do it yourself. You've become weak. Used up all your power...making the things, hiding the crash from all radars and guiding the ships. It was too much in one go.

Secundum: I have more power than you know...

Doc Faustus: If you did, those creatures would be gone by now.

He begins laughing slightly, then he stops.

Secundum: Whether or not I can force you...what reason do you have not to do it? Think of what you have already done. You betrayed the human race. You betrayed those who tried to help you. You have nothing.

Doc Faustus: It was all for nothing...I could have stopped.

Secundum: But you didn't. But if you help me. Help the Lux Lucis, then those people wouldn't have died for no reason...

Doc Faustus closes his eyes for a moment, then walks up to the panel and grabs the two wires.

Secundum: You may not be human any more...but you are something so much better.

Doc Faustus stops.

Doc Faustus: What did you say?

Secundum: Connect the wires.

Doc Faustus: No.

Secundum: You have nothing.

Doc Faustus: I have my humanity.

Secundum: No. You destroyed that.

Doc Faustus: What? No. You're wrong.

Secundum: DO IT!

Doc Faustus: Get your creatures to do it!

Secundum: They cannot. They're large hands and claws make it impossible.

Doc Faustus: Then you will go without.

Secundum: What? No.

Doc Faustus: I suppose you will have to wait until you get enough power or energy.

Secundum: You do not understand! Something so small and precise, it is difficult. The creatures will starve before I-

Doc Faustus: Then you will have to find another way!

Secundum: So this is your choice? Then I regret, I will have to withdraw my order on the creatures. Lux are free to feed.

Instantly, creatures drop from the ceiling and attack him. He uses the knife to fight them, then grabs the gun and begins firing. They soon over power him, but he keeps firing. He punches a button next to one of the doors and it opens, revealing an escape pod filled with creatures. They dive on him.

Secundum: Was it worth it? Really? You are the monster in this...

Doc Faustus: NOO! I'M HUMAN! I'M HUMAN!

His shouts soon die out as his blood and insides fly around. The camera shows the green wire, then a few flash backs of the people he killed and the betrayals he made. Ending credits roll.

The Ferrets like it...
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