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A New Indie Horror Project Coming Soon

ROCKY MOUNT, NC 10/20/2021 — My name is Morgan Welborn and I am the Writer/ Creator of a new horror project called, “WICKED JACK.” My goal as a filmmaker is to make an Original Horror Movie that I would Enjoy watching. I'm fairly new to the Horror Community, made my first short/ proof of concept film Wicked Jack: Ethereal Pilgrim back in March 2021, which has been selected in 7 Film Festivals and received 2 Honorable Mentions for “Best Concept” - Fortean Film Festival 2021 and “Best First-Time Filmmaker” - Megaflix Film Awards 2021! I wish to expand my experience and take these concepts even further with an Anthology.
I am starting an Indiegogo Campaign to launch the first phase of this project with a short story called, “It's Hellvira Time!” Hellvira is a Succubus Goth Clown who escapes Hell to realize her lifelong dream of becoming a Horror Hostess, The short story introduces her to a stranger driving through the backwoods of North Carolina, who is not what he seems.*

Then we will have a Pilot episode of “Hellvira's Haunted Asylum of Horror.” This is where her dream becomes a reality. This episode will feature a special guest, Punchy the Hobo Clown from Killjoy 3,4, and 5, played by Al Burke! Who will also be playing the driver in the short film.

Please help our campaign by signing up, it is a struggle to crowdfund but it is my only option and I plan to make it work with your help.

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