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You want to look for anthologies. I thought I dried up on movies, but if you hop on Amazon, you should have many hours of short films. I personally really enjoy and prefer these. For instance: Hitokawa 1,2, and 3. Horror High School is gnarly. Kidan: Piece of Darkness, I didn't watch this a year ago when I was on my first run through everything there because I assumed it was going to be trash, but just watched it a few days ago and it was excellent. Due to the small budgets and the plot brevity, I feel I'm pretty happy with most of the short movies I've seen. For feature films, I feel they either bomb it by the end, or there just simply aren't enough of them. There are a few feature films that are amazing, but I feel like nothing great has come out recently. I actually want to compose a list of all the JP horror shorts I've seen, because I lost count.
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