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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
I saw Salem's Lot. Since it's 3 hours, and due to my schd had to watch it late, and in three parts. The first hour was painfully slow, second hour was better, and third was pretty good. Some cool effects with the floating kids which made use of reverse motion (playing the film backwards) mostly to get the effect of the smoke/mist going backwards. Some memorable scenes with the creature growing from a flat cap.

A lot of the 'miniseries' reminded me of Twin Peaks, but without the humor and rich characters. Unfortunately the characters were pretty flat and not very interesting.

There was kind of an unspoken joke throughout... which was the doors to the Jeep... nobody seemed to know how to close them. The actors would keep trying to close them like they were regular car doors, and they'd always bounce back open. (These Jeep doors required you turn the handle to latch it closed). Even one scene David Sole got in the Jeep, tried to close it, and took off... director held the scene a few seconds, and then you see Sole open and reclose the door a half mile down the road. He must have thought it was funny, as it really didn't serve any narrative purpose.
I happen to disagree about the first hour of buildup, which I both found necessary and effectful. I also thought the characters were interesting. But then again, I might be completely biased as this is the perfect horror movie to me. Would have been nice with an actual Barlow fight at the end though.
Never noticed the issue with the jeeps. Pretty funny.
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