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Originally Posted by FryeDwight View Post
CHRISTINE (1983). Decent John Carpenter adaptation of King's novel about a social outcast who buys a beat up automobile and how change comes about, and not always for the good. I like this, but it has a kind of hesitation throughout; I believe this was JC's first film after the box office flop of THE THING and it feels tentative throughout. Still worth viewing with good turns by Keith Gordon (JAWS 2, DRESSED TO KILL and directing many episodes of DEXTER) and Robert Blossoms (DERANGED, HOME ALONE) along with an early performance by Kelly Preston. ***
I thought Carpenter did a great job with this film, especially the special effects. There's a few clunky scenes, like where the 'bad kids', who look they are 45 years old, stick a switchblade into our hero's lunch bag.

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