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"Ernest Scared Stupid" mysterious movies in opening credits

Hi everyone, I have another question about finding a particular movie, two actually. I was wondering if any of you know the answer to these clips. At the beginning of the film, "Ernest Scared Stupid", there are clips of old "B" movies. I do not know all of them, but these are the only ones I can make out:

"Nosferatu" (1922 version)
"White Zombie"
"Phantom from Space"
"Brain from Planet Arous, the"
"Screaming Skull, the"
"Missile to the Moon"
"Hideous Sun Demon, the"
"Giant Gila Monster, the"
"Killer Shrews, the"
"Little Shop of Horrors, the" (1960 version)
"Battle Beyond the Sun"

There are two left. One is a castle on a hilltop, lightning reflects on the castle, making the outside of the windows a little visible, there are grayish clouds surrounding the castle; this clip is in black and white (dark black and white colors, not the light black and white colors as say "Nosferatu" has); maybe the castle is a mansion or palace, but it looks more like a castle than a mansion or a palace. Could this be from a Vincent Price or William Castle movie? Another is a colorized clip of a young man in space (with curly-like hair, think of Kurt Russell or Heath Ledger), in the clip he acts somewhat like a zombie, but he wears a purplish t-shirt, light green pants, a belt pack, and watch on the left of his hand; white heat seems to be reflecting on his entire body (his eyes seem not to be open, maybe he is blind or eye-less), but interestingly, there is a little black spot on the left side of his face (his left eye and the left side of his nose); a name, "Buck (something)", appears on his shirt, below the name is a skull with wart-hog like tusks, the skull seems to be sitting on top of a diamond (maybe a rock and roll logo or a motorcycle logo). In the clip featuring the young man in space, there is nothing but a black background, but on the right, there are two squares of purplish light, maybe they are purple windows. I do not know if this scene is from a space movie, but it seems appropriate, maybe from a space opera to be precise. Other possibilites include a "Mad Max" movie, a movie very similar to the "Mad Max" franchise, or any of the "Escape to L.A." movies, but since the clip looks it is from the 60's-70's, it is highly unlikely, I think at the least it is from an old space opera.

Here is something else that might help. During the ending credits, there are two credits, one is "main title footage by Sinister Cinema", and another is "additional footage by Wade Williams Inc." Interestingly, despite of this evidence, the movies referenced in the montage are not mentioned at all in the ending credits of the film, but I emailed Sinister Cinema a year back and showed them a snapshot of the two clips I am talking about, and they said that those scenes looked like they were from movies of another company, so maybe that is something.

Anyway, I hate to tell all of you this, but about one or two months ago, there was a you-tube link, which had the opening credits of "Ernest Scared Stupid", but you-tube deleted it, so the only way all of you can know what I am talking about is if you watch the movie, but maybe the clips seem to ring a bell. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you. Any help is appreciated.

- Horrorman

P.S. The castle on the hilltop is the first scene seen in the montage, and the quick clip of the young man in space is directly after a clip of a woman screaming from a window ("the Hideous Sun Demon") and directly before a clip of the "Phantom from Space" appearing in a lumberyard (there is a short shot of Ernest appearing before the latter clip). Anyway, this is as much information as I have, but maybe any of the previous information rings a bell to anyone.
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