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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
I've never seen this, 5 stars is some high praise from you. Sounds like a feel good film for sure.

Too bad about the commentary. Very strange people recounting a film from 1947 would be attacking each other. Doesn't time heal all wounds? Unless the interviewer was trying to drag this stuff out of them? How old is much of this material for the commentary?
Definitely a feelgood movie-we got the DVD around 2005-07 and not sure how old the commentaries are. Both sets seemed to get along, but I felt the extra commentators were not needed. For commentary excellence, I really like Greg Mank (so much trivia/info and absolutely no dead air) along with David Skal, Rudy Behlmer and Scott MacQueen.

THE UNEARTHLY (1957). May have mentioned this one before, but don't really recall and I feel the more love TU receives is all for the better/. nAn over the top John Carradine, while running a sanitarium, is really using it as a front to procure Guinea pigs for his experiments with a man made gland with all sorts of wacky goings on. Always liked JC and even though he made a LOT of turkeys, he NEVER gave a walk through performance and he just shines in here. Also with Tor Johnson, Allison Hayes (the 50 Foot woman herself!), Sally Todd (FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER as well as a PLAYBOY Playmate), Marilyn Buford (Miss America 1946) and an actor who ended up in the POLICE ACADEMY movies engaging in fisticuffs with his son. ****
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