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Re: inserting pictures

Originally posted by abunai
I got some nice scary pics to show you but couldn't. always that message of : size toooooo big :eek: :confused: :mad:

So Admin, is there a way to show pics on the site without just giving a link ( when I want to show a pic from the net? or should i download it first and then give it from my Pc ? ) :(

Thx :)

In the Admin we trust :D ;)
Sorry about the problem you're having, I'm sure we can get it resolved.

If you just want to link a picture from another site, you can do it by using the [ img ] url goes here [ /img ] tags (without the spaces). Of course, some sites don't want you to link, so they block access to pics from other sites, which is their right.

If you want to upload, you should be able to upload pictures up to 100k to the forum using the "attach" option.

If the pictures are bigger, you can upload pics up to about 250k in size to your personal member gallery here:
Just click on the "Upload Photos" link to upload to your personal gallery.

Eventually we will have a tutorial on the member galleries, but for now, it should be pretty simple if you want to use that.

If you have any errors or problems or if anything I said doesn't make sense, just let me know. It wouldn't be the first time I confused someone.
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