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Originally Posted by MichaelMyers View Post
So, Anglewitch, is your position that there is a satanist conspiracy sweeping Europe? What exactly do you propose to do about it?
Not just across Europe. Across the world. That cern sacrifice happened in america. They have a base here, in Europe, and somewhere in asia minor I think.

The time is coming. Maybe in 2 or 20 years. Don't let me make the decisions
on what to do. We're going to leave that up to Jesus when he comes down and starts kicking some ass. For we have to wait.

Patience is a virtue.

You who think the hue of your hide means you are to blame
And your father's misdeeds are his son's to carry in shame
Not mine I'll take no part
You can shove the sins of the your father where no light may pass
And kiss my Scandinavian ass

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