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Originally Posted by RollinFan View Post
Nothing happened except the slow dying off of organized religion in the West. There is no big Satanic uprising, it's just idiots in costumes. The media loves to use this crap because everybody clicks on it and gets excited, rather than getting upset about crooked politicians and evaporating jobs. It's the classic "watch my right hand", while the left hand steals your wallet.
Originally Posted by Goathead View Post
Guys, I was just watching this video in hope if I might say so to see something extraordinary, but all I see is a show with dancers and acrobats. It's a show, not much sense to over-interpretate it. It's like if you go to a show, and you see something supernatural, last winter I saw a Dance of the Vampires show in Paris, doesn't make me go out and kill the actors with stakes after the show, does it? It's just a celebration of the place's history, and what is wrong with that? And as it was already said, this show is about paganistic rituals, not satanic.

Whats disturbs and angers me most ist the reporter of this full thing. What is his problem? "The end of days is staring us in the face" "get as close to jesus as you can get" I guess somebody took the church a bit too serious here, 21st. century, anyone?
Still not convinced?
Cern helped fund this thing....

Why haven't they been busted for this?
1 People don't care.
2 They themselves don't care.
3 They have trillions of dollars so they could easily bribe someone.
4 They let THIS video be taking in the first place!

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