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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
Children of the Corn is famous. I'll give you that. There is something fascinating about it. I watched it. And I just don't think it worked. But me and my sister had fun making fun of it for years to come. So it's all good.

You say you know all the sequels and remaked sucked, but take a look at the reviews of the original COTC. gives it 36% with Critics and 40% with Audience. And I have to say I'm surprised to see that 40%; I would have to guess it's been rising over time. And 5.6/10 on IMDB. And again, I think the film may be gaining now in the future, but at the time it came out...
Well I'm pretty sure that the sequels are worse. I've seen just about all of them and they were so stupid compared to the original.

I think the original might be something like a cult classic. It's not the best movie ever made and it has it's flaws, but it was interesting enough that people still remember it decades later. I think what made it interesting is the concept of children murdering adults in such a brutal way and worshipping a bloodthirsty evil God. I guess it had a little bit of shock value to it.
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