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Leatherface portrait for sale

One of a kind painting of Leatherface from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

reduced to $700.00

Done as a partner project with a fellow painter, I drew it with a distortion of proportion for effect in my own style, and he finished it by painting it in his own style(mixed media on canvas.)<br /><br />As big horror and TCM fans , we chose to present Leatherface in his 'dinner climax scene' mask from the original Tobe Hooper film, as we have both always found this one more disturbing than even his well known skin-stitch mask.<br /><br />It stands 6foot 8in. by 4foot 3in., and as such will only be available for local pickup by someone with a truck or van in Los Angeles, unless you wish to pay shipping charges to wherever you are through FedEx or UPS.



One photo was shot with a flash- one was shot with natural room light, for anybody wondering about the difference in colors between photos.

TCM fans - Please email me if interested!

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