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Originally Posted by FryeDwight View Post
Reading this, I do recall that ZOMBIE does have a 1979 release date, but I didn't hear of it until 1980, which is why I put it in there.
A film I forgot to list was 1987's THE STEPFATHER
I LOVE LOVE Jill Schoelen! And I really like Terry O'Quinn. But I didn't think The Stepfather was very good. It caught me at a time where everything in it was just too clique for me. Which is too bad for me, cause I do remember it being technically done well, and I liked the cast.

It's interesting, looking at the reviews on Rottentomatoes, this was the occasion that Roger Ebert decided to write,

While I was watching the film, I was distracted by elements of the Idiot Plot Syndrome -- moments when only an idiot would have made such obvious mistakes.
Ebert gave it 2.4/4, and I remember watching Ebert and Siskel reviewing it on their At the Movies show, and I'm pretty sure it got two "thumbs down".

On Rottentomatoes this is one of those films that got a much higher Critic rating 86% (29 reviews) than Audience rating 65% (3k reviews). But then the defect in Rottentomatoes rating is its pass/fail (fresh/rotten) system.

6.8/10 rating on IMDB is very solid for a horror film. It may have been I didn't find the film very relatable? Did you have a mixed family? Or whatever the term is for a new parent in the house at some point?

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