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the best of Hammer

I grew up in the 1960s, so I saw some hammer films in the movie theater, like Dracula has risen from the grave. Then around 1980 I saw Horror of Dracula in a theater that was doing a revival.
Remember Lust for a Vampire? It's a terrible movie, but I found the ad for it very...stimulating...when I was 14. The big question about it is: The basic idea of the movie is "Lesbian vampire in a girl's boarding school." Why is there a man in it? The makers of the movie seem very conflicted about the subject of lesbianism.
I used to use this movie as video wallpaper. I mean, I would have the VHS playing with the sound turned down. I knew that whenever I looked up from the book I was reading, I would see either pretty scenery or a girl in a low cut dress.

You could get away with more eroticism in those days if it was a horror movie. When I saw The Snake People on late night tv, the dream sequence was the first time I saw two women in a passionate kiss on tv.
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