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Originally Posted by idoneus1957 View Post
I am talking about "The little girl who lives down the lane" starring Jodie Foster. The adds marketed it as a horror movie. It wasn't a horror movie. As a result, the people who would have liked it didn't go to see it, and the people who went to see it didn't like it.
Another phenomenon is what I call "falling through the genre cracks." Example: Cemetery Man. It was too arty for the horror movie people and too much like a horror movie for the arty people.
Little Girl Down the Lane is a thriller, probably could be called a psychological thriller, but I think it's also a fit in the general category of horror, as it primarily taunts with fear, fear of discovery, violence, rape and murder. I'd put it in the same vein as Magic (1980). I remember it's TV teaser, which I thought fit the film as a fear thriller.

There doesn't seem to be much info on how Cemetary Man was marketed in 1996 the US. There's reviews for that date, so I assume it was at theatres, but I don't recall it's release. One reviewer wrote, "the film suffers from an uneven tone", which is probably how most Americans see many Italian Giallo films, going a little 'artsy', surreal, jumping off the tone they're used to. A horror comedy isn't something odd to US audiences, but arty probably is.

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