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Chapter 3: Demon-Baby

This chapter/section was inspired by the governance-darkside film Village of the Damned.


Horror-Man now had two very handsome trophies in his crime-fighting case for personal glory. Now, the U.S. government wanted to send Horror-Man on a special mission to Venus from which emanated a strange intelligent signal seemingly signifying some kind of salutations to humanity. Horror-Man was both excited and thrilled at the opportunity to make 'contact' with an entirely new species. Perhaps Horror-Man was also jaded by the moral apathy of the human species...

Horror-Man landed on Venus and was greeted by a humanoid alien named Spencer who took him to a special auditorium where Horror-Man was shown a slideshow history of Venutian culture and theocracy. Spencer explained that Venutians were engaged in a commerce-gauged political 'system' similar to the one created by humans on Earth. However, Venutians adapted a special form of 'relentless competitive-bargaining' which resulted in a 'society' of pure malice, wrath, gluttony, ambition, and fury. Some 'clans' on Venus even practiced cannibalism, eating the flesh of prisoners of rival clans taken hostage during battles.

The ultimate totem of this 'savagery-capitalism' Venutian system was a horrifyingly tragic 'golden child' of sacrifice selected as a pagan 'ideal' of sadomasochistic commerce-cynical death rituals. The child was a 1 year-old infant named Shell who was very cute and cuddly but had developed a bitter spirit because of the threats made against his life. Shell was 'chosen' by Venutians to be the 'scapegoat-offering' every Saturday night. Shell would be taken to an altar where he would be tortured but not killed and then allowed one week to heal. This bizarre and savage 'ritual' reflected the Venutians' complete moral disarray and descent into madness caused by capitalism corruption.

Horror-Man realized he was on a crusade-like 'mission of mercy' to save the forlorn baby Shell whose first torture-ritual 'session' was about to begin (on the upcoming Saturday evening!). Horror-Man was amused by the fact that Venutians used the same type of Roman calendar humans used on Earth, perhaps because the two planets shared the same sun. Horror-Man took a megaphone to the human-Venutian contact-celebration 'symposium' in the main auditorium (the entire Venutian city was a 'fortress' build underground and hence invisible to normal telescopes such as Hubble). Horror-Man delivered the following address before returning to Earth where he meditated on the intrinsic value of 'tempered capitalism':

"I am shocked and dismayed that our friends on Venus have struggled with the 'parametrics' of prudent capitalism-theory applications. Venutians have descended to the state of pure barbarous animals, bent on thievery, crudeness, savagery, and unspeakable avarice --- culminating in the demonic scapegoating of a bizarrely-chosen 'golden child' of species-sacrifice (and self-destruction!). Shell reminds every sentient being in the known universe that no end (regardless of how 'thrilling') justifies the means to that end (regardless of how 'popular'). I return to Earth simply 'humbled' about the 'capacity' of capitalism theory. I will take with me my fond memory of Shell --- this heavenly photograph taken by my high-tech NASA mobile phone (called the 'Snap-Stenographer')."

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