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Originally Posted by missmacabre View Post
I've looked at these soo many times but I imagine they would look much nicer in real life. I tried to order a bunch of old watch parts off of ebay a while back for all my Steampunk costumes and goggles but I lost the auction :(
I was even MORE impressed with the beetle in person when it came in - Definitely bigger than I imagined and well-crafted.

Sorry about the lost auction - Where did you get your goggles? While in New York, we stopped by Fabulous Fanny's, an antique glasses shop that boasts goggles as well... Unfortunately, the goggles selection was a bit disappointing, so I want to look elsewhere... But there's a lot of sites out there where you can find them and I'm just not sure of the quality.

Originally Posted by Arioch View Post
very expensive are they?

and how big?
The prices range from $400 - over $1000... The one I bought my boyfriend was $700 (I was fortunate enough that I earned my annual bonus in time for our anniversary).

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