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FINALLY got around to watching this movie and... Wow.

To say that I was impressed - To say that my jaw dropped a few times - To say that that held some of the some of the best performances that I've ever seen... All understatements.

As it's been mentioned, part of what makes this movie so incredibly powerful are the intense and gripping performances by Min-sik Choi (absolutely chilling) and Byung-hun Lee (agonizingly biting) - I was particularly impressed with the latter, who shines as the haunted victim, resolute on revenge. His fierce and unblinking demeanor was horrifying as he descends into tragic anti-hero-dom.

In terms of direction, each scene was filmed with deliberate ease. The writing and the story and the ending - oh God the superlative ending - All well done. This tale unravels slowly, with delightfully shocking peaks and climaxes until the pinnacle scene of perfect vengeance... My jaw did truly drop a few times... Great suspense and action interlaced with poetic tragic drama - Definitely an epic Korean Revenge flick, up there with The Vengeance Trilogy, though less playful.

Fantastic film - HIGHLY recommended.

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