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Is Videodrome a horror movie?

I have a YouTube channel where I review movies.
I have a video series called Horror Movie Showcase where I review horror movies specifically.
I picked up the classic David Cronenberg movie Videodrome on blu ray. I saw it once before and thought it was very good. I'm gonna sit down and watch the movie again but this time I wanted to do a video review of it but then I realized that I wasn't sure if the movie was a horror film or not. Do I include it as a Horror Movie Showcase video or just a regular review?

Sure, it has horrific moments but could it be classed as a horror? Is it not more of a science fiction film? There's not anything in the movie that's scary. It's probably more of a psychological thriller too. But then again I'm too sure. I haven't seen the movie in years and can't quite remember it too well.

I'm not sure what genre the film falls under. So I ask you guys, the horror fans, is Videodrome a horror movie?
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