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Originally Posted by SerialKiller View Post
I thought so. Well maybe Nancy was just hoping her mother would eventually sober up. In any event, these reasons bugged me as well. Her father was a bit annoying too, especially in the end when Nancy was trying to tell him about Freddy. He didn't listen either. He just asked Barney Fife to keep an eye on the house.

The mother in Dream Warriors was no better.
Indeed, both Ma and Pa Thompson were inattentive, at the very least. It's a common thread in Horror, where we see adults ignoring or misinterpretating the kids. As Horror fans we condemn kids and teens for acting stupidly in genre films, but adults ( particularly parents ) exhibit some dreadfully moronic behavior as well. Your example of the shitty Mom in Dream Warriors is spot on. Doesn't she screw her " dates " while her daughter is in the next room? Yeah, she's a delightful piece of work.
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