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Originally Posted by badcream View Post
Thanks for your support. I need to know how much would be a fair price for a 6" staction/statue figure. Realistic pose on a diarama - much like the Spectre Studios figures?

I've had requests for Albert Fish and Shipman so far so I want to know who would be the most marketable. I won't be doing Dahmer/Gein/Bundy or Pogo Gacy for a while as the talented David Johnson has done them already.
I would think something in the $80 range would be good for a figurine and a diorama. I could be grossly mistaken because I'm not too hip on what collectibles like that cost.

As for which ones besides Fish and Shipman, I'd say Manson, Ramirez, and Berkowitz. And while I would avoid doing any serial killers that are too obscure. Sure hardcore serial killer phanatics would buy them, but you'll probably want a larger market base.

Is a Gary Heidnik a popular serial killer? I know he's popular here, but that's because he lived here. If he is, then I would make one for him. The figurine would be bit boring, but the diorama would be quite the spectacle
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