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Originally Posted by GummySharkGuy View Post
So the Curse of Thorn had to do with a cult hinted at in Halloween 5 and introduced into The Curse of Michael Myers. They celebrated the old Samhain, and on certain years, when the constellation Thorn would appear in the sky, it was seen as an omen that there would be mass deaths in their tribes. In order to avoid it, they would sacrifice one family to bear the brunt of the curse. In that family, one member (usually a child) became an indestructible killing machine, pretty much an avatar for the force that came with the constellation, and they could not rest until they had murdered their family. At the last kill, the curse would be transferred to another person, and the cycle would begin anew. This is why Michael is unkillable and why he is killing his family.
Thanks, Gum! That is interesting. I read Samhain is a real pagan harvest festival, but there is no Thorn constellation in real life.

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