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Originally Posted by GummySharkGuy View Post
So the whole curse of thorn thing was really divisive when it was explained in The Curse of Michael Myers, but after thinking about it I feel like as a 'motive' for Michael its pretty damn cool. I like the idea of Michael being a victim himself, a sacrifice as the vessel for this evil that demands the blood of his family to be placated. I feel like it makes Michael much more interesting than just the embodiment of pure evil. Don't get me wrong, Halloween is a masterpiece, but it's more of a demonstration of John Carpenter's mastery of the craft than it is an interesting story.

Michael is less of a character and more of a tool to carry the theme of "Evil never dies," and while that does have it's strength in that film, I personally feel that he becomes vastly more intriguing in Halloween II when Loomis finds the word "Samhain" written in blood in the classroom, and that ultimately pays off in The Curse of Michael Myers (albeit, ungracefully). I feel as though this characteristic gives Michael the longevity to be a viable character to carry multiple movies, not just the first.

What do you all think? Do you think that explanation for Michael would have been easier to swallow had it been executed better? Or do you think that it should have never gone past Halloween?
Interesting... Could you elaborate more on "the Thorn" thing? I saw The Curse of Michael Myers a long time ago, and I don't remember the deal there.

In regards to Halloween 1 and 2, I liked that he was the Boogyman, just some powerful evil with a lot of history, but murky history. I just kind of figured he was going after his sisters because there was something left of the mind of the possessed, so to speak. It was an interesting thing that he would stop when the mask was ripped off. It would be an interesting thing to flush out in sequels.

As I said, I don't remember the thorn thing. Sounds interesting, and maybe you can tell us all about that. But I certainly like the idea of simply 'the real boogyman' as a vehicle to the films.

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