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I haven't seen the TV version in a long time, so maybe its in both? It's for sure in Halloween II though.

And I totally agree that the motiveless Michael works perfectly in the first movie, but I don't think that you can do much more with him without some kind of gimmick, like bringing Jaime Lee Curtis back in H20, or doing the whole live internet show in Resurrection, or remaking it. I feel like the curse of thorn and the connections to Samhain add depth to the character and make him more interesting.

Personally, I think its cool that the curse of thorn turns Michael into a tragic character, which fits thematically with a lot of the imagery throughout the movies, like his crying blood when he was shot in the face in Halloween II, or his moment of humanity when he takes off his mask in front of Jaime in Halloween 5. It just could have been executed better, I think.

I'm hoping Halloween Returns ends up being a better version of H20, as much as I love the movie, its pretty average as movies go, and isn't as enjoyable unless you've seen Halloweens I and II. I hope it doesn't fall into the pitfalls of modern horror (jump scares, obnoxious music, sensory overload climaxes), but with John Carpenter involved I have high hopes for it.
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