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Here's a classic from 1987 that no one outside of ex-Yugoslavia has seen. A version with English subtitles does exist but it is really hard to find.

Reflections AKA Deja Vu AKA Vec Vidjeno

Great story and acting. it's a slow burn with character development all the way through to the end as a piano teacher slowly descends into madness. The last 15 minutes of this movie will stick with you for the rest of your life. One of the best endings to a movie ever. Absolute top notch acting and storyline. When a man snaps. When a woman uses and throws away the wrong man. The good old psycho boyfriend has never been done better.

This movie criticized communism and was released in communist Yugoslavia. I guess the quality alone let it get past the censors back then. Plus Anica Dobra naked back when she was young.

I could not find a way to watch the full movie online in English. Download it.
Here's a youtube video of some of the best parts with English subs. So what if it's a spoiler, watch this and I think a lot of you will want to track it down and watch the whole thing.

There's 2 awesome kills and a good story not included but track it down to watch the whole thing.
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