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Originally Posted by simonleezombie View Post
Well, sometimes it's funny when you see John Carpenter's cigarette smoke drifting on camera, or when Annie is tries to convince Lindsey they have an "understanding" but then quickly gives up with a sullen "okay." It's funny, but it doesn't hurt the movie. Didn't they have to shoot it on a fast schedule? I imagine Carpenter didn't have time to get the delivery of the lines perfect, but what is amazing is how perfectly his shots are composed. Sadly, the first time I saw it was on TV (pan and scan) so there were times when Michael was on screen and I didn't know it, this is the film that taught me the importance of shot composition.

I wonder though if the generations younger than me prefer Scream. It is faster pace, has cleaner editing, and aside from a couple of lines of dialogue ("what are you doing with a cell phone, son?") it has a modern feel.

I think younger generations might remember some of the terrible sequels in Halloween too. I mean, what if you only ever saw Busta Rhymes or the druid cult stuff?
The majority of old horror movies I saw originally on a normal 4:3 TV. It wasn't until DVD and better editions that I saw the correct framing.

With Scream and a lot of movies things will date them. People always say that a movie is dated like that makes it bad. But all movies will have things that date them. Back then you only had a cell phone / beeper if you were a doctor, lawyer, or had parents that were wealthy.

Also and I mentioned this before somewhere around here. I think a lot of modern kids see movies and other videos as entertainment. There are those videos that exist just to point out flaws or make fun of movies. I went into movies looking to enjoy whatever world was created on film. I never really cared about the time period it was made. So even though Universal Monster movies and Twilight Zone was before my time. I still enjoyed them and never thought they were dated, unwatchable, boring, dull, or whatever other words young audiences use because they, I think, only look at movies as entertainment and not an art form.

Originally Posted by Roiffalo View Post
How am I just noticing both of these also have a Loomis character... that's interesting. Didn't realize the name was so popular. Tempting to make it a headcanon that they're somehow related.
I thought that was on purpose. At least I saw a Halloween pop up facts thing that pointed it out. Also Carpenter said he was influenced by Hitchcock. I always assumed that's why the movie had a more serious tone than the usual slasher movies.
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